Welcome, my name is Alla Pavlova and you are visiting my website where I hope you will find inspiration, future colleagues or a challenging job. 
I’m an Interim Tech Recruiter & Sourcer based in Amsterdam.
I’ve been building tech and product teams since 2008 and a true challenge of tailored, engaging and efficient hiring process is still on.
Daily I’m working on 
  • sourcing and hiring Senior/Lead Developers, mostly for startups and mostly within tough deadlines
  • advising stakeholders, defining and implementing hiring strategy  
  • training people to become tech sourcers 

Proud of hiring 683 developers, implementing hundreds of sourcing strategies, consulting 191 companies and 311 job seekers.

Things that inspire me

  • Technologies, AI, Data Science 
  • Talking to talented, fun and open-minded people
  • Space exploration
  • Learning Scratch and playing with my Sphero robot 
  • Building communities for tech and recruitment enthusiasts 
  • Seeing people I hired making an impact, growing and enjoying their jobs! 
  • Sense of Humour 
  • Kept promises
  • Computer games. Eventually, I will make a pentakill by Lulu 
  • I believe curiosity and empathy make a difference 

Each person has a story to tell and I’d love to hear yours!

Let’s get in touch peopledriver@gmail.com