Relocation to NL

For the last 5 years I worked in a content marketing. I have an experience on each step of this area: content creation, distribution, search for authors, management production, analytics, planning, goals setting. Now I’m into design of communications in terms of content marketing inside Customer Journey Map. Which include figuring out how content will work — what, how and where to say what the company want to bring to the customers.

I like to find common ground between the interests of customers and the company and find a better way to implement it into a user path and a content marketing strategy. As for the content creation, I wrote articles, case stories, newsletters, posts for social media, landing’s text, presentations. I worked mainly with B2B. Now I’m interested in working in a B2B or B2C-professional market. For example, Saas-services for team communications, products for specialists.

I’m also interested in IoT and fashion, architecture, design related projects. I do not work in gambling and microcredit. I am considering a remote or a project work in the beginning of cooperation, but would like to switch to a full time at the office in the future. Amsterdam is the most attractive location.

Some content in Russian

Reach out to her directly and feel free to mention my name. Email: