Online Workshops

For groups and individuals: Sourcing techniques and tools 
Level: all levels, will be moderated based on attendees experience

Workshops goals: 

  • Fill the gaps your team has in sourcing and reach hiring goals faster
  • Decrease your hiring time by broadening the sources of talent search
  • Increase your tech market knowledge and quality of sourced profiles
  • Grow diversity by using different channels to find the right match
  • Invest in your current team and save money on external agencies

Each workshop is adjusted based on your recruitment team experience. The team will learn how to build a hiring pipeline as well as apply efficient tools for sourcing developers of all levels with different tech stacks, those who are in high demand or hard to find. 

Duration:  2 days. Total: 6-8 hours.

Main focus, depending on your current openings, could be on Mobile developers, .NET Developers, Full Stack Engineers with different backend (Java, Node.js, Python, etc.), Frontend and Backend Engineers, Software Architects, DevOps Engineers, Salesforce Administrators, Cloud Engineers, etc. 

Workshops will cover:

  • Boolean search strings
  • X-Ray search
  • GitHub, GitAwards, Stack Overflow, Codersrank and etc. advanced search
  • Useful Chrome Extensions
  • CV, personal website search
  • Social media search
  • Sourcing KPI
  • Q&A

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